Ini Dia Rahasia Pantat Seksi Syahrini | This He Secrets Sexy Ass Syahrini

Syahrini singer has a sexy and seductive ass. Wonder if this petite actress often become the focus of the adam. What is the secret so Syahrini sexy ass?Apparently, riding was the one who makes her butt look more sexy.

"Horseback riding is a hobby that I can never leave. I think horseback riding is an activity that can encourage my days. I've been riding a hobby horse. Yes, because diligent horse, hence the shape of the body especially her ass looks sexy, "he explained.
In order to support his hobby, the close friend Nabila Syakieb young star was admitted to have three tail stallion.
"However busy I am, I still have time to ride. But now I'm more promo album, so if there is spare time I just channel my hobby, "he continued.
Not just riding, star birth Bogor, August 1, 1982 also has another secret. That is working out the body and Sunkist orange juice consumed in the morning."I usually cardio, treadmill, for 45 minutes in the morning. After that consume water that has been squeezed Sunkist oranges every morning. Enough sleep, and drink plenty of water also makes us look more fresh, "I am the owner of this weight 44 kilograms.
In order to support steps to maintain the body's sexiness, this beautiful star diasup also keeps food, by eating brown rice and avoid milk.
"I avoid carbohydrates, but if I ate lunch as usual. I replace rice with brown rice. In addition, I also multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables. If the night hungry, I siasati by eating fruit and taking a multivitamin, it's also very necessary. I personally avoid milk because of milk makes me fat, "he explained.
As a public figure, former husband Kris Kristofferson duet was also helped maintain the appearance of his face."For facial care, especially from doctors. Acne is often came when I stopped coming months, but will also disappear, because it assisted with the care of doctors, "he said.

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